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The Tiffin/Fostoria Municipal Court's Probation Department oversees all persons placed on probation as the result of a traffic or criminal conviction. It is the goal of probation to monitor compliance with the sentence imposed by the judge, thereby reducing involvement of further criminal activity. The Deputy Probation Officers are Jarron Theis, Kyle Stump and Erika Mackling.

Probation officers assess the needs of the defendant and monitor the compliance of their terms of probation, as determined by the court. Conditions of probation can include paying restitution, alcohol and mental health assessments, counseling and community service. Defendants are assigned to a probation officer who will supervise the conditions of their probation and provide assistance in complying with those conditions. The standard rules of probation are provided for your convenience, but you are urged to remember that these are the standard conditions and the judge may impose additional conditions.

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General Rules of Probation

  1. Probationer shall not violate any federal, state or local law which carries a possible jail sentence upon conviction.
  2. Probationer must notify the clerk of court and the probation officer of any change in probationer’s place of residence.
  3. Probationer must follow all of the probation officer’s instructions and rules, including attending all conferences on the date, time and place as set by the probation officer.
  4. Probationer must sign all necessary release of information forms in order to permit the counseling agencies involved with probationer’s terms of probation/sentence to provide proof of counseling to the court.
  5. Probationer agrees to submit to urinalysis, breathalyzer or blood test when requested to do so by the Tiffin Municipal Court probation officer.
  6. Probationer may not operate a motor vehicle unless he/she has a valid operator’s license and current proof of financial responsibility.
  7. Probationer may not possess, use, distribute or have under his/her control any illegal drugs, narcotics, or other controlled substances or instruments for administering them except on the prescription of a licensed physician.
  8. Probationer may not own, carry or keep any firearm or any dangerous weapon while on probation.
  9. Probationer must pay his/her fines and costs as ordered by the court.
  10. Probationer must pay restitution to the victim as ordered by the court.
  11. Probationer must pay the costs of counseling as ordered by the court.
  12. Probationer must report to the appropriate jail to serve his/her sentence on the date and time as ordered by the court.

Defendants on probation are required to meet with their probation officer on the assigned date and time. Failure to report may result in a violation of probation.

The Probation Department is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Restitution Program

The restitution program ensures that defendants are making restitution to their victims in a safe and accountable manner. The program establishes what losses were incurred and establishes a payment schedule with the defendant to ensure the restitution is made prior to the termination of probation.

The restitution program accepts payments from the defendants via cash, money order, check, MasterCard or VISA and forwards payments to the victims.

Questions regarding restitution should be directed to the Probation Department at 419-448-3073.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have been placed on probation. Now What?
You will be required to report, in person, to the probation department on a regular basis, generally at least once a month.

Where do I go for probation appointments?
Go to the second floor of the Tiffin Municipal Court, 103 East Market Street, Suite 201, Tiffin, Ohio or 213 S. Main Street, Fostoria OH, 2nd Floor.

What if I miss an appointment?
Contact the probation department immediately explaining the reason for your absence and request a new reporting date.

What if I receive a notice of a probation violation?
You must report for the hearing on the date and time stated on the notice. You are entitled to be represented by an attorney at the hearing and may request the appointment of counsel if you are unable to afford an attorney.

What do I do if I change my address or telephone number?
You must provide the probation officer with written notice of your new address and telephone number as well as name change.

How does house arrest work?
The defendant is under supervision of the Tiffin/Fostoria Municipal Court, but remains in his/her residence instead of being incarcerated. The defendant may leave only to go to work. The defendant wears an electronic monitor device to insure compliance. The defendant’s cost for the program is a $25.00 installation fee and $9.00 per day of house arrest.

What is the SCRAM unit?
The SCRAM unit is an alcohol monitor worn on the defendant’s ankle which measures alcohol intake through the defendant’s pores. The defendant is forbidden to drink while wearing the monitor and is under direct supervision of the court. The initial cost of the program is $25.00 for hookup and first week’s service, and $84.00 a week thereafter throughout the duration of the program.

How does ignition interlock work? How much does it costs?
Please contact the court for information and costs regarding the ignition interlock system.

*** If any of these systems are ordered, the defendant will sit down with the probation officer and fill out the necessary paperwork. ***

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